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Candy Girl Birthday Party

We were finally able to have a proper birthday party for Elinor and Charlotte over the weekend!  (That means no one in our house was vomiting, had a fever, or a hacking cough.  Woot woot!)  I decided on a candy theme, because I thought it would be fun and girly. The cake was inspired by… Read More

Weigh In Monday

Stats:Starting Weight: 175Today’s Weight: 166Well, crap.  I gained a pound.  In all fairness, yesterday was Caroline’s birthday party and there was a good pound of crisco in the cake frosting alone.  I’ve also weaned the baby but my boobs haven’t quite gotten the message yet.  It’ll all even out I’m sure 🙂In other news, I’m… Read More

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Happy 3rd Birthday Care Bear! I can’t believe 3 years ago today you came into my life.  Who could have known from looking at this sweet face what a strong-willed, funny, determined kid you would become? When you were born I thought she were the tiniest, most dainty looking baby I’d ever seen.  Your hair… Read More

A Manly Beer-thday

January is a super-busy birthday month in our house.  Somehow we ended up with three birthdays within a week of each other!  Elinor was born the 5th, Charlotte the 6th, and then poor hubby was born the 11th.  Somehow his birthday always gets pushed to the side and we end up eating leftover pink birthday… Read More