Travel Down the Road and Back Again



Well here it is! My Golden Girls look is finally finished. I’ve had the hardest time writing this post. When it came time to take the pictures and write the blog post, I just couldn’t do it. Because this means goodbye. This is my last real blog post! I’m contemplating a real goodbye post, but I don’t know if I can do it. So, until I get that figured out, let’s talk Golden Girls!

Victoria Blazer and Zippy Top

For my look, I made the Victoria Blazer and a Zippy Top. If you follow me on Instagram, you know this is not the way I envisioned this blazer turning out. Originally, the leopard print was going to be the outer fabric and I had this awesome green fabric for the lining. Well, despite my bet efforts it just didn’t work. I didn’t want to scrap it completely, so I bought black suiting fabric for the outer shell and kept the leopard for the lining.

Victoria Blazer

I love the boxy shape of this blazer! I keep saying I want to make more closet staple pieces, and this certainly fits the bill! (Now, can I force myself to make it in solid colors…we shall see.) My measurements put me between a medium and large. The fit on this blazer is roomy so I went with the medium.
Victoria Blazer

I absolutely love the way it turned out. I can’t decide if this is more Dorothy or Blanche, but when I wear it I feel like a million bucks so I don’t care!

Alida Makes Zippy Top

After I had to eliminate the green lining on my blazer, I knew I needed to put some green in the outfit somewhere. When I saw this fabric I knew it had to be a Zippy Top! Palm trees totally scream golden girls right?
Zippy Top with palm trees


I’ve been shamelessly wearing this shirt every other day since I sewed it. I love how easy it is! Just throw it on and look fabulous. That’s my kind of outfit. Now I just need some linen pants and a margarita!

The Zippy Top and the Victoria Blazer are the prizes for Sew the Show this month, so make sure you link up! You only have 14 hours left!



3 thoughts on “Travel Down the Road and Back Again

  1. Linen pants and a margarita. Ha, that sounds like my kind of day! Sign me up. 🙂 The zippy top and your blazer turned out fab. I quite like that you can’t bring yourself to sew a blazer made only of solids. One thing I’ve realized is that for me, design is my absolute fave part of every project. For me the actual sewing is an end to the means of getting to plan fun fabric combos. The pop of leapard is great.

    Thanks again for insipring me to join into my very first linky party. You’ve helped me find my blogging community. Good luck accomplishing your fashion-filled dreams! I admire you for taking action to make priorities. It’s not easy saying no to one thing in order to say yes to something else, but being proactive feels good, too. You write your own rules, so if/when you feel inspired to blog, it’s up to you. Yeah!

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