The One With April’s Sew The Show

I’m so excited to announce that April’s Sew The Show is…..

Sew The Show April: FriendsFRIENDS!

This is going to be a fun one! I loved Friends in the 90s and I love it even more today. Now that it’s on Netflix in its entirety we can all have the joy of watching 10 years go buy in a matter of months (or weeks, who am I kidding here I’m already on season 7!)

Sew The Show | Alida Makes

I’ll pop back in after Easter with more info, but for now if you want to chat or brainstorm about your Friends look make sure you join our Facebook group!

6 thoughts on “The One With April’s Sew The Show

  1. Loving this month’s theme! Friends is such a throwback to my high school and college years and I’d forgotten what a really good show it is. It really stands the test of time. Just finished my first Friends-inspired garment last night actually 🙂

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