Sew The Show: The One With The Disposable Camera

It’s time to show you my Sew The Show: Friends look! (For more information on Sew The Show, go HERE.)

Sew The Show: Friends!

To prepare you for what you’re about to see, I want you to let your mind wander back to the late 90s and early 00s. Remember the big events in your life. You wanted to remember them, of course! So what did you do? You went to the drug store and get a disposable camera! Like this one:

Disposable Camera

Then at the big event (or, in Chandler’s case, another person’s big event) you wound up the flash, (wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, wind) then finally took your picture. You never really knew if you got any good ones.

Sew The Show: Friends!

Then, you know the drill, it was off to the drug store to get them developed. Oh the waiting, the wondering! Did they come out? How did I look? Well, this is the Friend’s Challenge, and if Rachel was going to take pictures of her cute outfit, she would have done so with a disposable camera. So, that’s what I did.

My drug store’s machine jammed and they had to send my film to another location. Then when I went to pick it up it was under the wrong name. One hour photo my ass.

All of this is totally incongruous with blogging.

We bloggers love taking photos, uploading them right to the computer, editing them and posting them, all within a couple of hours. So imagine me, with no back up pictures, trusting the whole blog photo shoot to a disposable camera and a friend. And waiting on those prints. I was pretty terrified! So, let’s see what I got!

Pics WITHOUT flash:

Sew The Show: FriendsThis is my favorite one. My friend and I went to the cutest little coffee shop in town, which has a conference room with couches and fun decor.

Sew The Show: Friends

Look at the giant coffee cup! Unlike Central Perk, this place charges $2.45 for coffee in the big cup.

Sew The Show: Friends

Imagine you saw a person taking another person’s photo in a coffee shop, with a disposable camera. What would you do? Take a picture of them with your phone so you could ridicule them later? Well some jerky guy did. I will call him Jerky Von Macbook.

Sew The Show: Friends

In case Jerky Von Macbook is reading this, you can tag the photo #alidamakes or #sewtheshow so I can at least see it. KTHANKS.

Sew The Show: Friends

I will do a separate post about the dress, because it really deserves it’s own post, but in case you want to copy it, it’s the Basic. Dress by Cali Faye Collection and IT.IS.AMAZING.Sew The Show: FriendsRemember when you would get your pictures developed only to discover the best ones had a finger in it? THAT.

Now pics WITH flash:

Sew The Show: Friends

Back in the day I used all flash all the time unless I was in broad daylight, and now I remember why.

Sew The Show: Friends

Without flash you can’t really see any details. This couch is right by a window in the coffee shop, and yet the photos without flash are muddy. (Although, people put filters on their Instagram photos to get the same effect, amiright?) With flash my face always looks really white. Here I thought my foundation was super white back then, turns out it was the blinding flash of the camera!Sew The Show: Friends

Can we talk for a minute about my Rachelesque hair? Hot rollers. I had forgotten all about them. They’re magical.

Sew The Show: Friends

I cut up this jean jacket to make the vest. Honestly it doesn’t look half bad! I might actually wear it in public again.

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21 thoughts on “Sew The Show: The One With The Disposable Camera

  1. That jean vest is really cool actually. with a lacy top? So good. And I LOVE the graininess of these pictures. You completely captured the 90’s. and the FLASH??? So funny. All of my middle school and high school pics looked exactly like this. Oh, and you rock that dress!

  2. You nailed Friends fashion in this shoot. I loved the memories of disposable cameras. Though my photos are much better now, I kind of miss the anticipation of getting that cardboard envelope back at the drugstore and tearing it open to sift through the photos before I even walked out. Ah, the good old days.

  3. 90 kinds of awesome! I love everything about this post. Except that I wasn’t there drinking coffee too. 🙂

  4. I took a waterproof disposable camera with me when I dove the Great Barrier Reef back in early 2000. First and probably last dive I will ever do. When I got back to the US and sent it off to be developed, they LOST it. All of those surely amazing photos of sea turtles and fish and giant clams and sea cucumbers and my adorable Scottish dive instructor, gone.

    Love the dress and the pics. But I’m glad the days of the disposable camera are done.

  5. Oh, I used to get so worked up with anticipation, waiting for those drugstore prints. And I ALWAYS had to get doubles. Remember doubles? They seemed so revolutionary at the time. I love your coffee-shop photo shoot with the disposable camera. You really know how to make a post fun. Oh, and yeah–your dress is quite wonderful on you. Nicely done.

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