Fringe Purse Tutorial

Fringe Purse TutorialHey y’all! Need some accessories to go with your Friends-inspired outfit for Sew The Show? This purse is so Phoebe.

Have you ever looked at a piece of fabric and just known what it was supposed to be? Well when I saw this green suede my friend Marissa of Rae Gun sent me in a holiday swap, I just knew it had to be a fringe bag. Then Jess (you, know, the lovely lady behind The Sewing Rabbit) sent me this lovely Navajo print leather I knew exactly what the bag had to be.

Fringe Purse Tutorial

Swoon! I love the way it turned out! Want to make your own?

Fringe Purse Tutorial

Fringe Purse Tutorial

You’ll Need:

  • 2 Pieces main purse fabric 9″ X 9″
  • 2 Pieces lining fabric 9″ X 9″
  • 1 Piece of fringe fabric 8″ X 12″
  • 1 Trim piece 8″ diameter semi circle
  • 1 Strap piece 1″ X 48″
  • 2 D ring strap pieces 1/2″ X 3″
  • 1 11″ zipper
  • 2 D rings
  • 2 Purse clips
  • Clover clips
  • Leather needles
  • (Optional) fabric glue

You can find the Navajo print leather HERE. (This Etsy shop has A LOT of cool printed leather, so shop around!)Fringe Purse Tutorial

Let’s make the purse strap:

Note: This strap length is for a cross body strap. You can make it whatever length you want!

  • Fold one long side of the strap down 1/4″, clip, and sew.
  • Fold the other long side down 1/4″, clip, and sew.
  • Thread the short end through a purse clip and fold down 1.5″. Sew. Repeat for the other side.

Fringe Purse TutorialScore the fringe piece:

We’re not cutting the fringes just yet, but we are going to mark them. Measure every 1/4″ across the piece (the long side) and score it with a pencil or pair of scissors. (But don’t stab yourself in the arm with your scissors like I did! The pencil is safer!)

Fringe Purse TutorialSew or glue the trim piece and fringe piece to the front purse piece:

Place the fringe piece on top of the front purse piece 1/2″ down from the top edge. Place the trim piece on the fringe piece, lining it up at the top. Sew all the way around the trim piece. My machine wouldn’t sew through three layers of suede so I glued mine instead. If you are using fabric glue, trace the shape of the trim piece on the back of the fringe piece and only glue inside that area. Glue it to the front purse piece. Then glue the trim piece on top. You’ll have to wait at least an hour for it to dry.

EDITED TO ADD: If you are gluing the trim and fringe pieces on instead of sewing, be smarter than me and do that as a last step after the bag is assembled.
Fringe Purse Tutorial

Get the D Rings ready:

Thread the D ring strap through the D ring and fold over 1″. Sew it down in a square shape. Repeat on the second one.

Fringe Purse Tutorial
Sew on the zipper:

If you’ve ever made a simple zipper pouch this will be easy for you because that is how we’re constructing this bag.

  1. Baste the D ring strap 3/4″ from the left edge of the back main purse piece. Make sure the right side of the strap is facing the right side of the main purse piece. Use clover clips to clip the zipper to the top edge and sew.
  2. Repeat on the front main purse piece.
  3. Clip the top edge of the lining fabric to the right side of the back main purse piece, over the zipper. Sew. Repeat with the front main purse piece.
  4. Turn the purse pieces right side out and top stitch next to the zipper. Leave the 1/2″ from each edge un-stitched.

Fringe Purse Tutorial

Bag Construction:

Unzip the zipper a little more than halfway. Clip the main purse pieces together, RST (Right Sides Together), and pin the lining pieces together, RST. Sew around the bag, leaving a 5″ hole in the lining to turn the bag through. You may have to switch to a regular needle to sew the lining. *If you are having trouble, see the disclaimer at the bottom. Clip the corners and clip off any excess zipper.

Fringe Purse Tutorial

Cut The Fringe:

This is my favorite part! Turn the bag right side out through the hole in the lining. Carefully cut the fringes along the scored lines.
Fringe Purse Tutorial

Sew the lining closed:

Fold the raw edges of the lining to the inside, press, and stitch the edges closed.

Fringe Purse Tutorial

You’re done!

*DISCLAIMER: Let me tell you a secret: My sewing machine had a little trouble sewing certain parts of the bag. When the bag was sandwiched together and I tried sewing over the zipper, my machine just said NO. You know what I did? I used fabric glue. There’s no shame in it! If you are making this bag and your machine is having trouble, just glue it!

Fringe Purse Tutorial

There you have it! I hope you’ll make one and share it to the Alida Makes Flickr Page!



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  1. Did you mean to stitch all around the fringe piece or around the trim piece? I’m guessing some may not catch that and won’t have any fringes! This is a really cute bag. It would have matched a jacket I used to have in high school and I would have made it then. Now, I’m not so sure how I would look carrying this little bag. What if we wanted to make it BIGGER? Would it need any special proportions to make it work?

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