Sew The Show: The Honourable Woman

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The show for February’s Sew The Show is :

Sew The Show: The Honourable Woman

The Honourable Woman (or, The Honorable Woman as they spell it on American Netflix) is a BBC mini series starring Maggie Gyllenhaal as Nessa Stein. It’s a political spy thriller and it’s absolutely gripping from beginning to end. And I would know, I watched the whole series in 2 days. (Don’t judge!) There are plenty of reasons to watch this show, but we don’t need to look any further than Nessa Stein’s kick-ass wardrobe. It’s FLAWLESS.

How Sew The Show Works:

  • I will sew something inspired by the show, or a character on the show.
  • YOU sew your own piece inspired by the show, or a character on the show.
  • We’ll have a linky party and at the end of the month for you to share what you’ve made and I’ll randomly choose one entry to win a prize!

If you can watch The Honourable Woman for inspiration, please do so. Photos of these clothes do not do them justice. If you cannot, here is a style dossier (get it, dossier, because it’s a spy thriller).

Style Dossier:

  • Wardrobe Pieces: Business suits, gorgeous coats, evening gowns and nude slips. (Unfortunately you will have to watch the show or check the clips on Youtube to see lots of these pieces because I can’t find them online and I’m not getting arrested for taking screen shots of these clothes, no matter how amazing they are!)
  • Fabrics: Suiting fabrics, chiffons, silks, and crepes. Solid colors, although there is one leopard print dress that I’m obsessed with (see above).  Her colors are black, white, navy, coral, brown, blush, nude and cream.
  • Accessories: No jewelry. Shoes are by Acne, Christian Louboutin  and Celine. Bags are Mulberry and John Lewis.

There is a really good article about Nessa’s wardrobe in Marie Claire UK HERE.

Sew The Show: The Honourable Woman Color Palette



Ideas for pieces to sew:

If you’ve been itching to make a blazer or an amazing pair of wide legged dress pants THIS IS YOUR MOMENT. Silky blouses, camisoles, a camel coat, and asymmetrical dresses (like the green leopard one in the top photo) are all fine choices.

The linky party will begin February 21-27 (I’ll explain all the details in a future post.) Then, on February 28 I’ll announce the winner!

Need pattern ideas? Click HERE.

Want to join the Facebook group so we can all chat about it? Click HERE.

Are you in? Tell me in comments!

15 thoughts on “Sew The Show: The Honourable Woman

  1. Interesting challenge! SundanceTV has quite a few clips of this show on YouTube – for anyone that doesn’t have Netflix and would like to see more of her wardrobe. I particularly like the navy wool coat that she wears with those amazing dangly, round buttons!

  2. Oh my goodness! This is going to be so much fun! I’m totally in, and although I don’t have Netflix, I’ll be getting my researching groove on this afternoon cause I can’t wait to start sewing for this! Btw…LOVE this whole concept of STS!

  3. Hi there. I’m in and I have even watched the program. But I fell in love with on RM dress the Maggie wore. I just re-created it for the PR Bargainista Challenge.

  4. How brilliant! I love that it’s a show featuring clothes that I can actually wear regularly! and thanks for the new show to watch, After finishing Poirot, I’ve been quite desolate.

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