Kids Fur Coat Tutorial

Kids Fur Coat Tutorial : The Sewing Rabbit

You probably know this about me already, but in case you’re new here let me tell you: I’m obsessed with fur.  I’m not alone, fur is a huge trend this winter.(Side note: Does it feel like winter is never going to end? Or am I the only one?) Yes, we are tiptoeing into spring at the moment, but you can always pin this post for next year :-).

Kids Fur Coat Tutorial : The Sewing Rabbit

My eldest daughter is even more fur-obsessed than I am, so I had to make her a fur coat! Funny story: while walking around Raleigh last weekend a sweet lady stopped her on the street and said “girl I love that jacket!” and then walked away singing “B b b Bennie and the Jets”! It totally made my day. Elton John always had the most amazing fur jackets.

Kids Fur Coat Tutorial : The Sewing Rabbit

What I love most about this coat is that it makes a big statement, but it was so easy to sew. Once I got all the pieces cut it was only about a two-hour project. You’ll need Five and Ten Designs Jacket Pattern.

Want to make your own? Read on!

Fur Coat Tutorial : The Sewing Rabbit


  1. Sew the front pieces to the back piece at the shoulder.
  2. Sew the sleeves to the armscyes (arm holes).
  3. Sew down sides of the jacket body and sleeves. For this step I recommend starting at the armpit and sewing the down the sleeve first, then start at the armpit again and sew down the jacket sides.
  4. Put the jacket lining inside of the jacket outer layer and pin together.
  5. Sew around the neckline, down the jacket front on both sides, and around the bottom. Leave a 4″ hole in the bottom of the jacket.
  6. Pull the jacket right side out through the hole. Put a piece of scrap fabric on the lining side and press on medium heat. DO NOT USE HIGH HEAT because it will melt the fur. (Ask me how i know.)
  7. Fold sleeve linings under 1/4″ and hand sew them to the wrong side of the outer jacket sleeve.

Tips for success:

  • When cutting faux fur, flip it over the wrong side, pin your pattern on,  then carefully slide your scissors in between the fur fibers as you cut. That way you won’t chop through the fur.
  • After sewing each seam, use a safety-pin to gently pull out any fur that was caught in the seam.
  • If the fur gets tangled or matted during the sewing process, spray with conditioner spray and use a plastic bristled brush to smooth it out.
  • OPTIONAL: You can add snaps after the jacket is completed. I used Mini Anorak Snaps on my daughter’s jacket and you can’t even see them through the thick fur. She loves that she can wear it open or closed.

Need some inspiration?


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Fabrics, from top:Shell Pink Faux Beaver Fur, Camel/Gray Faux Ostrich FurOrange Mongolian Faux FurBaby Pink Mongolian Faux Fur

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