Cameron Pants

Cameron Pants by Named Clothing :  Alida Makes

I had a few people contact me and ask for more pictures of my Cameron Pants because they blended in to the black background in THIS POST. I decided to oblige, and shoved my dining room table out of the way to take these non-styled shots.

Cameron Pants by Named Clothing :  Alida MakesAfter I was done I looked at the photos, this crazy thing happened. The pants were fitting better! And I didn’t really know why. I hadn’t lost weight, my body couldn’t have changed that much could it?
Cameron Pants by Named Clothing :  Alida Makes

Then it hit me. Last time I was wearing Spanx. This time I was wearing a tight cami which flattened my Mommy gut but no Spanx.


It makes sense now that I think of it. When I was fitting them I wasn’t wearing Spanx. When I took my measurements I wasn’t wearing Spanx. So why did I think they would look better on me when I wore Spanx? Am I so self conscious that I don’t even consider the possibility that I don’t need slimming undergarments?


Cameron Pants by Named Clothing :  Alida MakesOther than some static cling I think the pants look so much better than in the other photos. It’s amazing how much difference undergarments make! I know a few of you were worried about how this pattern would work in a larger size. These are the size 44 (the largest size) and I think they look pretty doggone good. What do you think?

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