Consume Less, Give More

Happy New Year everyone! This year I have not made any resolutions, but I am going to be focusing on one goal: consume less and give more. This will affect all parts of my life, but today I’m mainly focused on my wardrob (shocker, right?) This means buying less new clothing and making, repurposing and thrifting clothing instead.

This is a sponsored post, but my review of this company is 100% honest.  Don’t leave now, you will be missing out I promise!

There is a website called, and on it every item of clothing is $15. Everything. Fifteen dollars! Vintage Fox Fur coat? $15. Brand new Levi’s? $15. It’s like a great big thrifting treasure hunt, and you don’t even have to leave your couch! They were kind enough to send me an item of my choice, and I chose a sweater. I’ve posted it on Instagram if you want to check it out!

Here are some inspiration outfits taken from Pinterest to give you an idea of the great inventory they offer:
Get This Look: 15 Each

Buy This Look:

DIY The Hat:

Get This Look: 15 EachBuy This Look:

DIY The Scarf:

Get This Look: 15 EachBuy This Look:

DIY The Belt:

The items on range from gently-used to brand new with tags (with some vintage thrown in there too). The company gives you credit for one clothing item when you donate five, so if you donate you can shop there and only pay for shipping! Out of every $15 you do spend, they give $3 to flooding victims. This video explains how it works:

I searched the site extensively and I have a few tips in your search for that special item:

  1. Use several versions of the keyword in your search (for example “sequin” and “sequins”).
  2. Be patient and keep scrolling! There may be several hundred items in your search results.
  3. Think of brand names you love and search that name and your size.

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2 thoughts on “Consume Less, Give More

  1. I super suck at thrift shopping. I want to be good at it but I get overwhelmed by the mass amount of crap and give up. (I feel the same way about bargain shopping at TJ Maxx though too.) Def adding this site to my list of things to check out. $15 sounds like my price point. 🙂

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