Hudson Pants Pattern

Hudson Pants Pattern: Alida Makes

I sewed the two pairs of Hudson Pants a while back, but haven’t had a chance to blog them. They came about after a disturbing yoga pants incident. Let me just set the scene: I had been running errands all afternoon in my favorite 4 year old yoga pants. I finally arrived home and plopped down on the couch next to my husband. He looks down and says “did you know your pants are holey?”

Hudson Pants: Alida Makes

Sure enough, the inseam on both sides had worn away and had holes in them. Not toward the knee, but right between the thighs. Like the piece of skin on my entire body that I would least like to be seen. My husband, the pragmatic man that he is, reached over and ripped the pants open so there was no way I could mistakenly wear them again. You can imagine the look I gave him. (Similar to my face in the above picture.)

You don’t mess with a woman’s yoga pants. AMIRIGHT?

Hudson Pants Pattern: Alida Makes

Anyway, after I stopped seeing red I decided it was probably time to finally sew up the Hudson pants I had been dreaming of. I’m so glad I did because I FREAKIN LOVE THEM. You know why I look so smug in this photo? It’s because I have lounge pants that are cute enough to wear in public.

Hudson Pants Pattern: Alida Makes

This outfit looks so much nicer than my usual yoga pants and college sweatshirt get-up. I can’t wait to make more Hudson Pants in sweatshirt fabric!

***Kudos to Gabe, my 11-year-old, for being my photographer! You did a great job buddy!***

Get this look:

Measure Once Cut Twice Shirt  |  Hudson Pants Pattern  |  Charcoal Cardigan  |  Knock-off Toms

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5 thoughts on “Hudson Pants Pattern

  1. LOL! Love the story! I wore my yoga pants so much the butt cheeks had worn down to a sheer fabric. I’m still not sure how that happened. For several weeks I thought I could get away with wearing black undies so no one would notice. haha!

  2. im so glad you posted these pants! i have been toying with the idea of making a pair and i love your version. love that shirt too


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