Handmade Fall Wardrobe: Pants

Hey y’all! I’ve had a little hiatus, and now I’m back! Let’s talk pants shall we?


Have you made a pair of Hosh pants? Do you believe that the pants above are part of the new, improved Hosh pattern? The updates to the pattern include a wide leg, yoga waist version and the size now goes up to 8!!! The update will be out any day now, so keep your eyes peeled! The fabric I used for these is a rayon blend, it’s so buttery soft! The yoga waist is made out of super stretchy knit. I want these pants in my closet, stat!


The light blue cords and the khakis I made, believe it or not, are Tree Climber Pants by Go To Patterns.

Tree Climber Pants

I omitted the knee patches and changed the pockets so they are inside the pants instead of outside. I love the shape of these pants! This pattern is so great. These are both school uniform compliant but cute enough to wear outside of school as well. The faux zipper fly is perfect for Caroline at school, because every second counts when she’s on her way to the potty and buttons and zippers still slow her down!

I made Caroline 3 pairs of navy blue Clean Slate Pants for school. I chose to use a faux fly on these as well. The shape is perfect for classic uniform pants, but I love them for weekends too! They fit her like a glove (I used size 3 waist and 5 length!)

Tomorrow we’ll talk cardigans, and I’ll announce the giveaway winner.

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3 thoughts on “Handmade Fall Wardrobe: Pants

  1. I desperately need to make Ella some of all of these for school! Weather turned cold quickly where we live, and I realized last minute that she didn’t have a single pair of pants she could wear to school! All of the ones you made look great!

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