Handmade Fall Wardrobe: Cardigans

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Alida Makes handmade wardrobe

Now, the Greenpoint Cardigan. I absolutely LOVE this pattern. I can’t stress that enough. The pattern is AWESOME.

Sewing For Kindergarten


As I said in my Sewing for Kindergarten post, the red cardigan is uniform compliant, so Caroline can wear it to school. I even made covered buttons for this thing just in case cool polka dot buttons I originally picked out were a school no-no.

Greenpoint Cardigan: Alida Makes



When I originally bought this tiger fabric I had a flashback skinny tee in mind for it, but it was so thick and buttery that once I held it I knew it really wanted to be a cardigan.  I love that the sleeves are nice and long on her but look so cute pushed up too!

Greenpoint Cardigan: Alida Makes

I had one little hiccup with this cardi, I didn’t have quite enough for the band that goes around the neckline. So I improvised!Greenpoint Cardigan: Alida Makes

I added this gold elastic to the back. I love that it adds a bit of shimmer and I would have never thought to do it if I had had enough fabric. Sometimes necessity really is the mother of invention!

I’m going to have a wrap up post for you tomorrow, but do you have any questions? Anything I didn’t go into depth about that you wished I’d said? Leave a comment!


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