Ellie’s Imagine Jacket

It’s been a while since I made something for no other reason than I just plain wanted to. Don’t get me wrong, I love participating in blog series, creating my own series, and showing off all the great pdf patterns that are out there. But sometimes I need to make something with no deadline, no expectations, something just because I want to. This is that project.

Ellie's Imagine Jacket: Alida Makes

Last March I made Ellie these awesome space ship triangle pants. In true kid fashion she hit a growth spurt and quickly outgrew them. She’s been bummed about it ever since. So, with my very last bit of Kikorakko Space Travel fabric, I made her an Imagine Jacket. (With growth spurts in mind, I made it a little big.)

Ellie's Imagine Jacket: Alida Makes

I love love love this pattern. I bought it on the Friday Fiver deal and it’s my favorite pdf purchase in quite some time. It’s such a fun jacket, with so many ways to customize it.

Ellie's Imagine Jacket: Alida Makes

Last time, I made it with silver linen, a shirting fabric lining, and a layer of batting in between for warmth. This time I decided to line it with flannel and forgo the batting. I think you can see how she feels about the lining.

Ellie's Imagine Jacket: Alida Makes


The pockets are lined with the same fabric as the sleeve cuffs. Ellie loves to turn the pockets inside out and look at them!

We tried some photos with alien antennas, she was not a fan.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! I’ve been sewing a lot for myself lately, so get ready for some more super awkward modeling from yours truly! And, as always, if you want to stay up-to-date on the blog, !

7 thoughts on “Ellie’s Imagine Jacket

  1. Again with the amazing pattern mixing! Spaceships and leapord print look so great together. I love the jacket, b and you can totally tell she does too!

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