Caroline’s Handmade Fall Wardrobe

Last year I threw together a post that showcased all the handmade clothes I made for Ellie for the Fall. I didn’t design any of these pieces to go together exactly, but Ellie loves bright colors so they kind of coordinated anyway. It was a quick little post, but the response to it was pretty awesome! This year I thought: what could I do if I actually thought it out first?

Handmade Fall Wardrobe Alida Makes
Top: Imagine Jacket

Row 1: Flashback Skinny Tee, Greenpoint Cardigan

Row 2: Little Zippy

Row 3: Clean Slate Pants, Tree Climber Pants, Hosh Wide Leg (soon to be released!)

This year I chose to make Caroline a Fall wardrobe because RTW clothes do not usually fit her well, particularly pants. She is tall and skinny (she didn’t get it from me) so if pants fit her in length the waist is about 3 sizes too big. I pulled down her big sister’s hand-me-downs from the attic and she looked like a twig with a potato sack cinched around it. And so, a new wardrobe was born!

You can see specific outfit posts here:


I’m also giving away each pattern plus a $100 Gift Card from Imagine Gnats!

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135 thoughts on “Caroline’s Handmade Fall Wardrobe

  1. WOW. I would probably make the Greenpoint Cardigan. But to be totally honest I would probably buy fabric for my gift card as the very first thing :-)) I love everything you made. Lucky lucky girl.

  2. Love the collection! I would start with the cardigan,we live in FL and can stretch dresses well into “fall” with just a little cardi over it.

  3. Love this collection! I’ve been thinking about doing something similar for my daughter. Now that she goes to preschool I’ve realized that she needs more “school clothes.” I’d start with the green point cardigan.

  4. Love the fabrics you selected! In fact, I have a shirt for myself made from that cute orange tiger print. I would definitely start with the jacket. A kid can never have too many good jackets once the weather turns.

  5. Love all of them! But If I won, I think I’d go with the pants first. I can just picture them on my little girlie…plus they look extra comfy to me and being 39 wks pregnant…I’m always drawn to comfort 😉

  6. I love this collection. I wish I had this inspiration when my kids were small. Oh well, there’s always the grandchildren to sew for some day.

  7. Right now I’m working on serious baby clothing. But I have some plans for my big boy. So here it comes to these great patterns 🙂

  8. Great giveaway – thank you! I think is super fashion fall wardrobe, I love the jacket and I know my daugther will love I sew all this for her 🙂

  9. This year is my first time trying to sew an entire wardrobe for my daughter. Love your inspiration!! Can’t wait do read all 🙂

  10. I’d have to start with the flashback skinny tee, one day (when my sewing skills are a bit more advanced) I’d love to make the Imagine jacket 🙂

  11. Greenpoint Cardigan (if I can find the right fabrics, I have a hard time finding thick knits) and a handful of little zippy tops!

  12. That jacket is pretty great looking, but as another mother of a tall, skinny kid what we always need are well fitting pants! I can’t wait to hear about each of the pants, and that will help me decide 🙂

  13. I love the mac n cheese zippy top! I think I’d make the tree climber pants for my daughter, they would work well in her running, jumping, dancing wardrobe 🙂

  14. great wardrobe! I like making my daughters clothes because everything is always shorter than I would like and she out grows things so fast, I just add a couple of inches to most patterns and they last way longer!

  15. I won all those awesome patterns (cause like you said, THEY’RE AWESOME!) LOL I have that imagine jacket on my list to make for this fall….and obviously the flash back….. 😉 They look fantastic Alida!

  16. It’s so hard to decide with these great patterns, but I would probably start with the cardigan. I’ve been wanting to make that and it would be perfect for our cool fall weather. Thanks!

  17. I never end up making things that coordinate either! Too many cute exciting fabrics I guess. I would love to try the wide leg pants– they look comfy and we loooove comfy at my house! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  18. I would make the shirt with the bow in the back, I have two girls who like bows! Also the comfy pants with the cherie: bon voyage lumiere knit would be SO cute!

  19. O boy I really LOVE the red tiger shirt and the cardigans! The whole wardrobe looks amazing, everything coordinates! If I were to make these patterns I would start with the cardigan. My youngest dd feels chilly all the time and could use some more cardigans.

  20. Definitely the pants! I have the same challenge with my oldest daughter – slim waist and long legs. And I am going to replicate tr zippy top for my youngest. I already have the cotton + steel fabric!

  21. Alida, as always, these clothes are amazing!! I have the same issue with one of my girls and the opposite with the other, so one is always pulling her trousers up and the other has about 3 fold-overs at her ankles!! So I’d definitely go for the hosh pants first.

  22. Definitely the Flashback Skinny Tee. My kids’ school just changed from uniforms to not and they suddenly have no clothes for school!

  23. I’d make those Tree Climber pants immediately for both my kids. My son especially needs pants – he’s right between sizes… smaller=too short, bigger=too long… and he’s anti-hemming. 🙂

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