Caroline’s Fall Wardrobe: Imagine Jacket

Imagine Jacket: Alida Makes

Hey y’all! Thanks so much for the awesome response on my post yesterday! I’m having such a blast reading all of your comments :-). Today I want to talk all about the Imagine Jacket.

Imagine Jacket: Alida Makes

First of all, the FABRIC. I’ve been holding on to this silver linen FOREVER. Ok, really about 4 months, but it felt like forever because I love it so much and couldn’t wait for the right project to come along. I got it from Joann back when I made Caroline’s Fawn Lily Dress. I wanted the coat to be warm, so I basted thin batting to each outer fabric pattern piece. It was worth it, because the coat is toasty warm! The lining is a light poplin from The accent fabric (which I also used for the pockets) is vintage. The ribbing looks black, but it’s actually a shimmery charcoal that I also found at Joann.

Imagine Jacket: Alida Makes

Now let’s talk PATTERN. I bought this pattern as part of the Friday Fiver on Crafterhours and printed it out immediately. Printing it out was a breeze, piecing it together was a breeze, but then I sat there forever trying to figure out which fabrics to use! When all was said and done, it took me about 4 hours from print to finish. I made a size 5 with size 6 length arms, and it fits Caroline with a little room to spare, which is good because this girl has arms for days and they just keep growing.

Handmade Fall Wardrobe: Alida Makes
 And, of course, I couldn’t just cut out one jacket. I had to make Ellie one too…

Imagine Jacket: Alida Makes
She’s pretty psyched about it. You’ll have to wait until next week to see the rest of that one! 🙂

Don’t forget! I’m giving away seven patterns plus a $100 Gift Card from Imagine Gnats!

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20 thoughts on “Caroline’s Fall Wardrobe: Imagine Jacket

  1. This Jacket is AWESOME!!!! And if I were to win, ummmmmmmmmmmm I would wanna make them all at once, but the little zippy with the Mac&cheese decal would be top on my list, Mack’s full name is Mackabrie and we have joked that her name means Mac&Cheese since she was tiny ;o)

  2. Love the jackets. 🙂 I’d first make an infinity scarf. They are kind of a fall wardrobe staple, but Ive never actually made one!

  3. I have a couple of granddaughters, well actually 13, plus 8 grandsons, that would love this jacket. Every year I choose a theme for Christmas gifts because our family is so large, and this year is coats and jackets! I would love to win this contest. Thank you for the inspration, and opportunity.

  4. I love the jacket. Your star wars interior is so amazing, and dear to my heart. I just jumped on the star wars train, having watched the whole series this summer. I can’t believe I waited that long!

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