A Sneak Peek and a Funny Story

Can you spot the ham?

Remember yesterday when I said I had a funny story for you? Well this is it. I’ve been whipping up several pieces for Caroline’s handmade fall wardrobe. Every now and then I like to take some test shots to see how an outfit looks in photos. l I was trying to figure out which outfit to use for Sewing For Kindergarten, so I put one on Caroline and of course Ellie had to wear one too (never misses a chance for the spotlight, this one.)

I gave Caroline an apple to hold, because I originally wanted to use one in the Sewing for Kindergarten shoot. She looked so awkward with it, so Ellie grabbed it from her and said “take a picture of me!” And, well, the picture pretty much says it all. Sewing For Kindergarten It’s not the best quality picture, but I love it so much. Now that you’ve seen 5 pieces of Caroline’s handmade fall wardrobe, will you still come back Monday for the big reveal? There may just be some free fabric in it for you if you do, so if you don’t already…!

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