Stepford Variation: The Knit

Stepford Variation: The Knit

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Hey y’all! Today I’m sharing the juicy details about The Knit version of the Stepford. My inspiration for this was obviously comfort. In my perfect world it would be totally acceptable to walk around in the Classic Stepford every single day with my pearls and pink heels feeling beautiful and polished, but that’s not my reality. My reality is running around after 4 kids. The nicest place I go during the day is the park next to the rich neighborhood. Not exactly Classic Stepford appropriate.

Stepford Variation: The Knit

So I designed a knit dress that took my favorite element of the Classic Stepford, the gorgeous neckline, and made it wearable for every day.

I’m sorry, not to get off topic, but can I take a moment to discuss my face in these Stepford pictures? I swear I’m not mad. I just have no neutral face. I am either smiling goofily or look steamy and angry. I believe some call this Bitchy Resting Face, which perfectly describes it.

Ok now back the the dress.

Stepford Variation: The Knit

Here you see I’m checking my watch to see if this photo shoot is taking place in the ’80s. I seriously should have been a cheesy catalogue model.

The reason I show you this photo is if you look on my shoulder you can see the inside of the bodice is LINED. That means no worrying about using knit ribbing to finish off the edges, no trying to hem knit. AND I share a trick in the ebook for how to keep those seams from stretching when using knit. It’s AWESOME and I wish I had figured it out sooner!

Stepford Variation: The Knit

Oh, forgot to mention the fabric! I’m sure you recognize it because it has been allll over the internet lately, but in case you don’t, it’s the Arizona collection by April Rhodes for Art Gallery Fabrics. No, I didn’t get it for free, no they are not sponsoring this post, it’s just great fabric and great fabric should be celebrated! The knit is lovely to work with. It’s not too thin, but not too thick either. It drapes so nicely too! I highly recommend.

Did I answer all of your questions about The Knit version? If you have more questions leave them in comments. Unless your question is how do you make it, in that case you’ll have to buy the ebook 😉

3 thoughts on “Stepford Variation: The Knit

  1. Obviously, I want to go with the knit version because I can make a million in one afternoon and they’re easy to wear. I love that the top is lined. Hemming is my least favorite part of sewing and I cheat all the way with it.

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