Stepford Variation: The Crop



Hey y’all! I’ve had several people ask me about what fabrics I used for my Stepford Seven looks so I thought I’d talk a little more about each look. (What’s Stepford Seven? Find out HERE.)

Today I’m starting with The Crop.


My idea for the crop was to create a fun boatneck crop top to pair with high waisted pants and skirts. Only a sliver of stomach shows so it’s not super racy, but you can adjust the length of the crop to your comfort level. I wanted sophisticated and sexy and I think I pulled it off!

stepfordcrop3I knew I needed a light, airy fabric that drapes beautifully to pull of the look I wanted, so I bought this beautiful Nani Iro from Imagine Gnats shop. This was my first experience with Nani Iro and I can definitely see what all the fuss is about. It really is a dream to sew! I love the way it moves!

Tell me, would you be daring enough to wear a crop? As a mother of four I was pretty iffy about it initially, but the idea has grown on me!


2 thoughts on “Stepford Variation: The Crop

  1. You look so cute in this! I love the back neckline with the buttons on the shirt and the contrasting waistband on the skirt, and I like it even better with your project sewn pants. I’ve been pretty iffy about the crop top trend, but the demure versions like yours have been slowly convincing me 🙂

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