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Hey y’all! I want to take a minute and thank everyone who has bought and read Style That Kid. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback, which is honestly a huge relief. Ready for a big dose of truth? It’s scary to put so much work into something, not knowing whether or not anyone will want or like it. Style That Kid is the only ebook of it’s kind, so naturally people have questions. The most asked questions are: “But what is it about?” and “Can I get an example of what’s in the book?”

What is it about?

Here is an excerpt from the introduction that may help answer that question:

In this ebook I will give you the tools you need to make your photos beautiful, compelling, and click-worthy. I will discuss the whole photo shoot process: from choosing a location, to how to achieve a compelling photograph, to photo retouching. Once you understand the three basic styling elements, I’ll troubleshoot some of my old photos and see what could be done better. Each photograph in this book was taken with the same camera and lens because I want to show you how styling choices, and not fancy cameras, can make or break your photos.

Can I get an example of what’s in the book?

Sure! Here is a page from the section on choosing a location:


And here is a page about styling:

A page from Style That Kid by Alida Lee


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One thought on “Read Two Pages of Style That Kid!

  1. I just finished reading it, and I love it! I can’t wait to find some fun props and get shooting! I have been plotting locations around town that will be great and have just finished sewing some new clothes I want to list in my shop and write a blog post about. Here is my question though…. What if your model is 1 1/2 and can not stay awake until the golden hour? Would you recommend early morning light or some other time of day/ situation? Thank you for this book! I am so excited and motivated to really step up my photography!!!

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