The Shandiin Pattern by LouBee Clothing


I gave you a sneak peek of this during Calling All Kids, but I didn’t say much about it because the pattern hadn’t been released yet. Well, wait no longer because the pattern is HERE and it’s AWESOME!!!

Shandiin by LouBeeClothing



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The Shandiin can be a tank or a tunic, which I love for it’s versatility. There are lots of different styles to choose from, I of course went for the simplest because I thrive on simplicity and minimalism in my sewing. This shirt can be made with woven or knit for the main fabric, so I wasted no time in pulling out this awesome tiger print knit from


I love the length of the tunic option. With my next one I might add 4 or 5 inches and make it into a dress! I am not exaggerating when I say that Charlotte wears this every single day when she gets home from school. But she wears it with these skinny cheetah print pants because why wouldn’t you?



This pattern, along with everything else that Sarah of LouBee Clothing does, is impeccably crafted with clear instructions and lots of options to make it your own.  I really enjoyed testing this pattern, and I plan to make many, many more!

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