Sally Dress Pattern Tour

I originally posted this in September of 2013. I wasn’t pleased with the photos so I reshot the photos and now I’m very pleased with how it came out! I’m re-posting it so I can share these new shots with you.
Hey y’all! Today I’m part of the Sally Dress Pattern Tour on Very Shannon!  
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I know, I know, bubblegum pink is not my usual fabric of choice.  That’s what I get for letting my 7-year-old come with me to Joann Stores!  
I love this dress to pieces! It’s sweet and playful and it fits her so well. 
Funny story, we forgot to bring her sandals to the photo shoot, so she had this pretty dress on with her favorite dirty sneakers.
I actually kind of love it. It’s just kooky enough to make me happy.
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5 thoughts on “Sally Dress Pattern Tour

  1. This is just beautiful Alida! I love that she has her dirty sneakers on. Gracie is usually wearing her dirty flip flops or is barefooted since she outgrew her dress shoes and I haven’t bought any new ones yet. LOL!

  2. i love the sally dress. It the pattern I’ve sewn the most for girls.. its just so fun! Love your pictures too!

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