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If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you may not be aware of some goings on around here. You know I am redecorating my sewing room, so here’s a little update on that situation:


Hubby and I dropped the 6 foot Ikea bookshelf down the stairs. The wall at the bottom of the stairs has a large hole in it now, and I needed to buy new bookshelves:


I chose 2 hutches to replace that gargantuan thing. Did you notice it in my office chair post?


I’m actually pretty happy I didn’t have to spray paint that Ikea monstrosity.


Also, I totally stole Jennifer Lawrence’s haircut. Love it.


And finally, I have an adorable Ellie head growing out of my mannequin.

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One thought on “You May Have Missed…

  1. We have one of those monsters upstairs that won’t actually fit out the door. TO move it, we have to disassemble it. After seeing this post, I feel a bit better about that.

    At least you got two pretty hutches out of the accident and a good story 🙂

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