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Hey y’all! Thanks so much for all your support and lovely comments on my Project Sewn outfits! It was an honor to compete with such amazing talent. In creative competitions editing is very important, so I wanted to share with you today some pieces that I changed my mind about. They weren’t rejected because they’re not good, just because they didn’t fit my creative vision at the time.
This hat is the Graham Slouch Hat Pattern by Jennifer Adams, knitted by my sweet friend Jess. I was going to wear it with my original outfit for Pink Week, but ditched it when I changed my mind about the outfit. I still love the hat! I wear it on every day that ends in ‘y’.
Which brings me to this blazer. This was my original pink week blazer (also a Bellatrix Blazer). The lining is pink and the button is hot pink (although you can’t see it in any of these pictures.) I originally had it paired with a white and pink tank and the hot pink Jamie Jeans.  After seeing it photographed with the jeans I thought it looked a little busy, so I opted to sew up a new tank and blazer and go with those instead.
This is how I wear the blazer in real life. My hand-stamped “Bless Your Heart” tee and dark skinny jeans are perfect with it. I love this outfit so much.
And of course this clutch (tutorial HERE.) I love it so much. I need one in every color!
Ok last piece. This was my original finale look. It’s self-drafted. I absolutely love it! It’s so easy to throw on, I don’t have to wear spanx with it, and it feels like wearing pajamas. I spent a lot of time and energy matching up the chevrons on this thing. 
But in the end, I though it was too simple to compete with Oona and Rachel so it had to go. I, of course, decided this at the last minute, so I was sewing my finale look right up until Saturday at 4pm, photographed it at the park, edited the photos that night and turned it in Sunday morning. I live on the edge 😉
So there you have it. At some point I’m going to photograph each piece individually and show you all the outfits I can make with them. That’s the biggest reason I did the competition: new Spring wardrobe!
Love y’all! Thanks for stopping by!

29 thoughts on “Project Sewn Reject Pile

  1. why oh why did you change your signature look? This would have been my fave of all the looks from the season! You did a great job all through the competition, congratulations Alida!

  2. Oh wowsa! I can’t believe you made all the competion clothes plus these! I love everything you did this season. The blazer and jumpsuit look amazing on you! I still can’t believe you made jeans……always seems so hard to me, but the fit on yours inspires me! Way to go!

  3. These are all great! I loved all the looks that you submitted and your rejects. You also convinced me to make the Jamie jeans. I just ordered fabric that may just turn into a second pair. Wonderful collection.

  4. These are all great! I loved all the looks that you submitted and your rejects. You also convinced me to make the Jamie jeans. I just ordered fabric that may just turn into a second pair. Wonderful collection.

  5. I do really like that signature piece. Especially impressed that its self drafted, hits you in all the right places, and looks like it’s comfy enough to fall asleep in it! These are great!


  6. I felt you had a consistent style throughout the PS month and really love your easy look, which I feel is very on trend at the moment. I love both of your Bellatrix Blazers and the Jamie Jeans are on my list.

  7. oh my goodness I NEEEEED a blazer like that!!!!! Please do a review of that pattern! I need time commitment details! How many pages printing? how many pieces will I have to trace, sizing, etc you know the routine 🙂

  8. Project Sewn introduced me to your blog, and I’m so glad it did! I loved all your outfits….and that jumpsuit. Amazing! I hope you post a tutorial or a pattern for that 🙂

    1. Thank you Tess! I’m so glad you’re here. I am definitely not a pattern maker, but there is a similar McCalls pattern, McCalls 6083. You can modify it to be more like mine by lowering the crotch about 3 inches and widening the legs. At the bottom of the leg pattern pieces of mine the width was 21 inches.

  9. Love the jumpsuit! Amazing job on matching lines, too!!! Did you use an existing pattern or draft one? Also, that chiffon/knit tops is great! Is there a trick to sewing the two together? I have a few blouses from Ann Taylor that are very similar, but I’m not sure if I can handle sewing chiffon. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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