Exercise Ball Office Chair FAQs

Thank you for the great response to yesterday’s post! I got lots of questions on various social media sites about it so I’ll just go ahead and answer them all here:


  1. What is that chair? How can I get it?!? This is the Isokinetics Ball Chair with Metal Frame. You can CLICK HERE and buy it on Amazon. (That’s an affiliate link, but hey if you’re going to buy it anyway you might as well help a sister out in the process!)
  2. What’s so great about it? Umm everything. I blame my chiropractor for getting me hooked on it. All they use in his office are these awesome ball chairs and he said it was going to be good for my back. Since I was pregnant at the time and suffering from horrible sciatic nerve pain, I decided to give it a try.
  3. How long can you sit on it? Like, forever. It’s the only seat I can sit on while I sew. Allll those hours of Project Sewn sewing? Ball chair. But I should say that when I’m sewing I’m not really sitting still, I’m constantly moving.
  4. Aren’t you worried about pins? This little one in the picture above? I was pregnant with her when I got the ball chair. And in the 3+ years that I’ve had it I’ve never punctured it with a pin (or anything for that matter). And the carpet underneath it is a pin graveyard most of the time. However, ask me how many times I’ve punctured my foot and it’s a completely different story…
  5. Does it support your back? Yes. But honestly I don’t lean back on the back rest too much, I’m usually leaning over my sewing machine!

I bought 2 of these shelves for my sewing room as well and I LOVE THEM! This is an affiliate link:

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2 thoughts on “Exercise Ball Office Chair FAQs

  1. I’m intrigued. We have a yoga ball that we used while I was pregnant with Louis, and then after he came while we were feeding/soothing him because…you know, bouncing a baby is sometimes the only thing that helps and you’re too exhausted to stand and do it unassisted.

    I wouldn’t use it for sewing though because I actually have my sewing machine and serger on a high table that I stand at. Am I the only person alive that stands and sews? I feel like I am more in control of what’s happening and I move so stinking much from place to place that standing/sitting/standing/sitting would a pain.

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