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Hey y’all! I’m so excited to share this news with you! Starting April 7 I will be hosting another installment of the Calling All Kids series!


Calling All Kids is a series that explores children’s clothing as it relates to gender. When I’m shopping for clothes for my kids and I see the same old pink fare for girls and the same old super hero fare for boys, it makes me crazy! This is one of the main reasons I sew for my kids. Now, there is nothing wrong with the clothes that are out there necessarily, but our kids deserve more variety! When we are in the girl section at Target my sweet Ellie always says “where are the cool clothes?” She’s a tomboy. Although I hate that word. Can we come up with a better word?

So for all the kids out there that have to go to the other section to find clothes they like, I created this series. I’m giving them a voice, and I have an army of 21 amazing sewing bloggers to help me. Each one will create a piece of clothing that is either unisex or that does not go along with traditional gendered clothing. Just LOOK at this line up:

callingallkids.jpgAre you still with me? Good, because now I’m going to tell you where YOU come in. I want to see what you can create! Make something for your little one that fits in with the spirit of this series and join our linky party! Each week there will be a winner drawn from the entries, and the winner will receive some amazing prizes! If you want some inspiration HERE is my Calling All Kids Pinterest Board, and you can find last year’s posts HERE.

Eeek! Are you excited? I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

22 thoughts on “Announcing: Calling All Kids Series

  1. Perfect! One of the reasons I sew is because my daughter (5) HATES pink, dresses and ruffles. She loves blue, red, vehicles and wild animals. So I try to sew clothes that incorporate her preferences, but are still not overly boyish. So I’m definitely in!

  2. love it! it’s nice to show our kids that there are other choices. i’d like to see more cheerful colours and baby animals on boy clothes =0)

  3. Sounds fun! I was a ‘tomboy’ too. People think my boys are girls ALL THE TIME! Drives me nuts, nearly their entire wardrobe is blue with race cars and construction equipment… maybe if I made a pink ruffled dress people will finally see they’re boys! 😉

  4. This is great! I started sewing for my girls for two reasons. She’s chubby and tall so I have to look for clothes in the older girls section and there’s nothing appropriate for my 5 years old tomboy in there. Also, she hates pink. A bit of pink like pink and black stripes or hot pink with elephants printed on it can be OK. Baby pink and ruffles and blings: NO THANKS! I’ll aske her what she would like and see if I can create something unique 🙂

  5. Wow, this resonates with me! I’m pregnant and not finding out the gender of our baby (due August ’14) so shopping for ‘cool’ unisex baby clothes leaves me a bit miffed. I want more variety than white, cream or yellow for my little one so will be following along and hoping to get lots of inspiration 🙂

  6. My son loves purple! We just found an awesome purple plaid flannel. I have always let him pick colours, etc. He doesn’t like trucks and construction stuff. He likes space and nature. 🙂 great idea for a series!

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