Home Sewn Series: Ball Chair Makeover

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I’m gonna show y’all this…and I want you to get all the dirty “hairy polar bear ball” jokes out of the way…(and then email them to me because I love a good off-color joke.)


Ok, ya still with me? Good. Today I’m sharing a really fun project for Living With Punks Home Sewn Series. It all started with this chair:

Exercise Ball Before and After

I posted a photo on Instagram of my sewing space before it’s makeover (see the photo HERE), and surprisingly I got A LOT of questions and comments about my exercise ball office chair. And while I love it and it’s so comfortable, the red doesn’t quite fit in with my vision for the room. I thought about spray-painting it, but then Susan asked me to be a part of her Home Sewn Series and I knew what I had to do: a home sewn makeover.

Sewing Machine and Office Chair

My chair usually lives with my sewing desk, but I thought it would be fun to put Ellie on it to demonstrate just how awesome it is.


You could say she’s a fan. I may never get to sew again.

Silly Girl and Exercise Ball Chair

Want to cover your exercise ball? Here’s how!


  1. 1. You need a pattern. You’ll need to enlarge it to fit your ball. This is the part where I have to tell you that we need to do a little math. Measure around your ball and see what the circumference is. Mine is 72″. This number divided by 2 is the going to be the length of your pattern piece. This number divided by 6 is going to be the width. Make sure you add a 1/2″ seam allowance to your pattern piece.
  2. Cut 6 pieces. I recommend making a muslin first to make sure your cover will work. I, of course, didn’t. But you should. If you are using fur fabric make sure the nap is going the same direction for each piece.
  3. Use a jeans needle if sewing with fur. Sew your pieces together, making sure the nap is going the correct way each time. Do not sew the last piece to the first piece, you need to sew a zipper there!
  4. Before the zipper, try your cover on your ball inside out and make sure it fits. You may need to take it in a little here and there, so pin it where it needs taking in and then sew where the pins are.
  5. Sew on the zipper. You want the teeth to be facing away from the edge on the right side of the fabric, just like when you’re sewing an invisible zipper. Unlike sewing an invisible zipper, you don’t want to sew too close to the teeth (if you are using fur, that is.) We don’t want to catch the fur in the teeth when zipping it up! Make sure the top and bottom (where the points meet up) are completely sewed closed.


I think it would be so fun to have several covered exercise balls with different fabrics in a kid’s room. That could get dangerous though, I suppose.

Sewing Room Makeover

Maybe I’ll just keep it locked in my sewing room 😉

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26 thoughts on “Home Sewn Series: Ball Chair Makeover

  1. when i first saw that red chair, i thought it was the coolest idea but it seemed so…exercise ball…this fur is genius. this looks like some modern museum piece now!

    don’t drop a pin in it!!!!

  2. So awesome! Love the chair. How is the ball chair for back support? What’s the longest amount of time you’ve sat in it?

    1. The purpose of the ball chair is the work your core muscles without straining them to the point of pain the next day. It does so gradually. I sit in mine 4 hours a day with no problem. Remember to sit up straight, do not lean forward, and do not slouch backward, or you will not be working your core muscles. Every time you move on the chair, you will feel your core section working. This is a fabulous idea. Especially because I am over 40, and have had major surgery years ago which weakened my core muscles, this ball chair is a great idea. We have some at our office and take turns on it. We’ll probably be getting more at http://www.isokineticsinc.com/category/ex_ball_chairs/product/FBC2 which is the best price I could find. Good luck to you.

      1. I use one for work 8+ hours a day. I catch myself slouching sometimes but I am able to fix it and I its GREAT for my hips. I also get up to stretch but I love it. I can’t sit in regular chairs anymore.

  3. do you know where i can purchase one already made? i have the chair, a must after my accident. the ball chair helps but it is cold. i keep a sweater over it to make it warmer but thought there must be a cover out there i could get. i have no sewing machine or time to make this awesome cover. let me know.

    1. I would purchase one as well if you would be interested in making any to sell? Pretty Please 🙂
      Pottery Barn adds shipping, processing, surcharge and tax charges to their $129 sale price to bring the total amount for all that furry goodness to $176.55. Ouch! You did an awesome job. My friends laughed when I sent your tutorial out asking who I could pay to make this for me. Sigh! I love it . . . please let me know if you decide to make any for resale!

  4. Hey there. Where did you find that awesome fur fabric? I cannot seem to locate fur fabric like you used here. I want that long, shaggy, inviting fur, you know? That stuff is perfect for a mid-century home!

  5. First, the link to the invisible zipper page is no longer valid.

    Second, I made the muslin test, but when I sat on the covered ball, the corner seams popped. Any suggestions?

  6. hello, I’ve tired to open link to the patter but it says: “You must be logged in
    and a member of this blog” any chance to get this pattern from somewhere else? Thank you!

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