Project Sewn: Shoe Challenge

***WARNING***I may or may not be loopy on cold medicine as I’m writing this.

Hey y’all! I am so excited to be here for the third Project Sewn challenge! For this challenge we were asked to pick a pair of our shoes and create an outfit inspired by them. I chose every Southern girl’s favorite pair of shoes, my L.L. Bean rain boots.

I knew for this challenge that I wanted to make a trench coat, but I wanted a fun print! I found Burda Trench Coat #118 and knew immediately that it was perfect for this challenge. I did change it by adding a hood, because seriously what is the point of a trench coat anyway? Your head still gets wet when it rains! I love the look of the classic trench with a dreamy oversized hood. The fabric is from the Target sheet section. Yes it’s a sheet. I live in a smallish town, so my fabric options are limited! If you get the more expensive Target sheets they are thick and sturdy, but soft. After the coat was completed I sprayed it with waterproofing spray and voila! Lovely raincoat! 
Underneath the coat I’m wearing a simple white shirt.  I needed a classic white shirt in my collection, so I went with Go To Pattern’s Casual Lady. The skirt is a simple skirt with an elastic waist, but what makes it special is the fabric. It’s Liberty of London Tana Lawn and it’s sooo luxurious. I love the way it flows!  
Here’s a close up of the print. I am in love with it. I wanted a print that looked like a rainy day, and that’s exactly what it is.
I loved it so much I used it on the cuff strap.
I should probably address the change in hosiery. 2 photo shoots, too many beautiful shots to include just one, so we have two different colored tights. I’m totally ok with it.
I would love to win this competition, but if I don’t I’ll be ok. Because I finally have a trench coat that I can actually wear IN THE RAIN.
Hello tree. Nice tree.
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24 thoughts on “Project Sewn: Shoe Challenge

  1. You are a GENIUS. I will be heading to Target for some sheet scouting asap. The whole outfit is amazing, as always. I’m rooting for you, girl!

    PS — share your hookup for the awesome label? I’m always trying to figure out a better way to do mine. 🙂

  2. Love this trench and your fabric choice! The top are skirt are awesome, too! I was excited to see your shoe choice 🙂 Everyone is doing such a killer, amazing job in the competition… but I may have voted for you every week so far since I’ve been loving your work so much. Best of luck!!!

  3. Amazing outfit – you knocked it out of the park! I’m in LOVE with your trench coat and then next time I’m at Target…I’m totally scouting there sheets & shower curtains for some fun fabric.

  4. I don’t no how you find the time and inspiration to make so many cute outfits like this, but keep it up. I love seeing everything you make. I would also love a tutorial on how to draft a hood to go work with an existing pattern if you ever find the time.

  5. ‘This is perfection. and those shoes! I’ve never seen them in Germany, but I so am in love. Gotta have a look right now if they are sold somewhere in Germany, too or if I can get them shipped 😉

  6. That trench is fantastic, and I love the print of the skirt with it, and all the colors–it just comes together beautifully. So tell me, how well does the waterproofing spray work? What does it do to the texture of the fabric? I’m fascinated!

  7. What a great interpretation! Fantastic outfit and pictures! Love target sheets. I’m super curious about the spray you used? Would you share more details please?

  8. so I’m a little late commenting on this, but your outfit turned out gorgeous. I find myself eyeballing the target sheet for fabric sometimes……so much yardage!

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