Project Sewn: Fashion Icon Challenge

Here it is, the first Project Sewn Challenge! Eeeeek! I’ve been bursting to share this with you.  The fashion icon I chose for this challenge is the late, great Elizabeth Taylor (Hilton Wilding Todd Fisher Burton Burton Warner Fortensky). 
What a gorgeous woman! Fun fact: she hardly ever smiled for pictures. So if you wonder why I’m looking all intense and blue-steely in my pics that is why.
The footprint Elizabeth Taylor left on the fashion world is probably filled with diamonds. That lady loved her jewels. Her affinity for all that sparkles was what inspired the sequined cardigan. 
I used Mouse House Creation’s Julia Cardigan pattern. I sacrificed several needles in the completion of the garment but man it was worth it!  I made it short sleeved because I want to wear it this Spring (and also because sequin fabric is reeeeally expensive!) I absolutely love how it turned out and can’t wait to sew another.
The crop pants are Burda High Waist Trousers #119
I omitted the pockets because I knew they would bulge out and I wanted a nice sleek look. I was really nervous about these because I have never ever ever found a pair of crop pants that didn’t make me look like an oompa loompa, but I really love these. It took a lot of fitting to get them right, but the result speaks for itself! 
Funny Story: I totally meant to wear a gold belt with this outfit, but forgot to bring it to the shoot location. Oops!


During my research on her I discovered that Elizabeth Taylor loved photography! Cool right?! She always had her trusty Rollieflex camera with her. 
My dad is a photography buff and just happened to have a very similar camera, so I really had no choice but to use it as a prop. I would have loved to take some pictures with it but…I have 3 more outfits to sew!
I had this cool idea to put up faux bois contact paper in my sewing room and take pictures in front of it. You know, just trying to be artsy. 
It turns out, using the stinkin remote is really hard, so in the end I asked my loving hubby to take pictures of me and those ended up winning over these. I still love these though. 
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38 thoughts on “Project Sewn: Fashion Icon Challenge

  1. OMG – OMG – OMG – Alida….you are GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, ELEGANT – this is just perfect. And your outfit, so fantastic and what a perfect fit! You nailed it, girl – and you absolutely have my vote!!!

  2. I love your entire outfit. I can’t get over how wonderfully those pants fit – great job! Having such an outstandingly beautiful figure must help with it all. I agree with Trine above – you are elegant and stunning, and your photographs are excellent. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is such a hot look! I love this outfit so much – so MUCH! Seriously, I feel like you effortlessly put together an entire outfit that stays true to both the style of Elizabeth but yet is current and wearable. And I LOVE wearable. Yet, this is also chic. Seriously genius.

  4. You totally embody Elizabeth Taylor in your look here. Great job on the pants fitting! And I think having something sparkly to wear into spring will be lots of fun. Why keep sparkles for the holidays only?!

  5. Whaaaaa??? My heart rate is through the roof right now, I am just so in love with this look and your style! The quality of the contestants entries are so phenomenal and there’s not one that I don’t love. But yours is the winner for me. I actually reached out and touched the screen, that’s how much I love it. Give it to me. Now (please)

  6. Girl, this whole look is so amazing! You really captured Liz’s style, but are working it in your own way and SWEET BATMAN, do you have a fabulous figure!!! Awesome, awesome job!

  7. Any chance you could do a tute on the self drafted wrap top? It is my favoured neckline with the deep V and faux wrap, so flattering, however I haven’t been able to recreate it myself so successfully. Please please please!!!!

  8. Any chance you could do a tutorial on the self drafted top? That neckline is my favoured neckline and I have had no success recreating it! The deep V and faux wrap, eternally flattering!!

  9. You are right – the pants fit perfectly! Nice job. I love the entire outfit; the blouse is beautiful, and beautiful on you. Nice arrangement of shots. I think the pants are lovely without the gold belt – sometimes people accessorize so much you can’t really see the style lines of the garment they meant to show.

  10. Really nice work! You are right, the pants fit so nicely. I love the way you’ve put together the entire outfit and arranged your shoot. I am actually glad you forgot the belt 🙂 the outfit looks great without it, and a lot of times people accessorize so much that you can’t really see the style lines of the garment. I’ll look forward to reading your other posts.

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