Pattern Review: Jamie Jeans

Happy Valentines Day y’all! Since so many people asked me about the Jamie Jeans pattern I thought this review would be the perfect gift for you. If you have any other questions please email me at
Confession time: this is the first time I ever made myself jeans. In fact, the only other pair of “real jeans” I’ve ever made were these ones I made Gabe for STYLO:
So…I was kind of nervous. Ok, really nervous. But when Named was kind enough to send me the Jamie Jeans Pattern for free, I knew I had to do it! (All opinions are 100% mine.)

So the questions people were asking me yesterday were these:

What size did you make?

How much fitting work did you have do to get them to fit correctly?

Where did you get the pink fabric?

Did you make any modifications?

I made the size 42.
I had to take in the waist a little, which I have to do with every pattern because my hips are much larger than my waist. That’s it! I think it helps that this is a skinny jeans pattern and therefor I used stretchy fabric. Stretchy fabric helps with fitting a lot in my experience (especially for us curvy ladies!)
The fabric is from Joann Fabric. It was in the denim aisle.
I did make one modification. I eliminated the belt loops. I have larger hips so I never wear belts on my jeans (who needs that added bulk?) 


My only real advice for you when sewing this pattern is be careful of the pockets if you have fuller hips and thighs. The pockets are lower on the hips and can pucker and pull open if the front pocket piece isn’t tight enough against the inner leg piece and the back piece. Does that make sense? I had a puckery pocket situation, that’s how I know!
These are my favorite new jeans! I’ve already worn them several times. In fact I spilled something on them BEFORE the photo shoot and was kicking myself for wearing them. “Why can’t you wait?!” I said to myself. Because these are the best jeans ever. DUH.


Any other questions for me? Feel free to leave them in comments and I’ll add them to the bottom of the post! 
***How long did it take to sew these?
It took about 3 hours from cutting to finish. 
***Were the written instructions easy to follow?
Yes the instructions are very thorough and easy to follow. There are no pictures, so if you’ve never made jeans before it might be a challenge, but if you have it shouldn’t be too hard.
***Did you like these better than the Burda High Waist Trousers #119 you sewed for last week’s challenge?
That’s a tough question! I love the pants I made for the first challenge, and I love these too! They are very different. I love the cigarette pants for dressing up a bit but still being comfy. I love the Jamie jeans for every day wear. So, I guess I love them both equally, and each in their own special way. Kind of like my children ;-).

14 thoughts on “Pattern Review: Jamie Jeans

  1. These are awesome! The only thing holding me back from trying this pattern myself is the price…converted into US dollars it’s not pretty. Now how do I convince them to send ME a pattern for free, hahaha!

  2. Okay, I think I have to make a pair of these now! I’ve only tried Peter & the Wolf by Papercut and the favourite Jalie Jeans, both weren’t without some small tweaks but have worked out great.

  3. Hello. Loved these jeans when I saw you made them for project sewn. Just wondered if you knew approx how much fabric they took to make? Thanks

  4. These turned out gorgeous and they look amazing on you! So flattering!!

    I totally want the pattern… waiting to see if it goes on sale (seeing as I have a bunch of patterns I bought recently that are still untouched haha). If it goes on sale though it’d be hard to turn down haha!

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