Oversized Asymmetrical Clutch Tutorial

Oversized Asymmetrical Leather Clutch
Hey y’all! As promised, here is the super ease tutorial for making the asymmetrical clutch from my Project Sewn finale look!
Chic Outfit Leather Clutch
I have gotten so many compliments on my bag already, can you tell how much I love it? Here’s the secret to making this easy bag: it’s not lined. I love the look and feel of the ‘wrong side’ of the leather so much I couldn’t bear to cover it up. (It came from Leather Hide Store, and it’s buttery fabulousness.) You totally could though. If you do, just eliminate the hemming steps.
Turquoise Blouse Wide Legged Jeans Clutch

Before you begin: 

Make sure you have a leather needle. You will not be able to complete this project without one! Sew slowly because once a hole is in the leather it’s there forever! Use a long stitch (my stitch length goes from 1-5 and I used a 4.) Don’t pin the leather before sewing, instead use clips (like potato chip clips) to hold it together.

1. Cut pattern piece (dimensions given in graphic)
2. Fold top and bottom edges under 0.5″ and sew. 
3. Sew on toggles. The toggles I used are from Joann Stores. I cut the base of the toggle (the black part) into triangles.
4. Fold the bottom edge up 12″ (right sides facing) and sew the side seams.
5. Fold the sides of the flap down 0.5″ and sew.
6. Admire your kick ass bag!

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21 thoughts on “Oversized Asymmetrical Clutch Tutorial

  1. This would be SO cool in Kraftex too! Paintable, washable… hmmm.. thanks so much for the tutorial!!!

  2. Just found this tutorial via Pinterest and I gotta say-I am GEEKING out. Such a good idea. I can’t wait to make one…hopefully one in a hair on hide leather ahhhh! Love. Thank you!

    xo, grace (patternedposies.blogspot.com)

  3. Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to turn everyone on to a great leather supplier out of NYC. They are called District Leathers. Their website is http://www.districtleathers…and they are super friendly and helpful. They carry all types of leather that you can take out right from their showroom on 263 West 38th St. (15th floor) in NYC. No appointment necessary.

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