First Challenge Results

Hey y’all! Looks like I made it through the first round of Project Sewn! (Barely though, it was super close.) 
A few people have asked me for a tutorial for the wrap-style shirt I made. 
I’m going to do my best to figure out what I did and make a quick tutorial. But not until Project Sewn is over! 
One more thing: Please go over and check out Lladybird. She was eliminated from the competition.  We were both on the bottom and the scores were extremely close, so it easily could have been me. She has an amazing talent and the best bangs in all of blogland…go show her some love!


3 thoughts on “First Challenge Results

  1. You’re such a doll 🙂 You know, I’m kind of glad that I now don’t have to deal with that pink challenge HAHA! Can’t wait to see what y’all make up… you know I’ll be biting my nails over on the sidelines for every single one of you 🙂

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