My Biggest Photography Revelation of 2013

Happy New Year!  This week I’m going to share what I learned about photography, sewing, and blogging last year.
In 2013, I figured out something very cool.  I figured out that 
Before that, I took a lot of photos outside.  Outside is great, but it doesn’t make for a very cohesive look.  (At least it didn’t in my case.)
I love all the color of the outside photos, but my heart just feels peaceful looking at all the cohesive garage photos. 
What sewing/blogging revelations did you have last year?


10 thoughts on “My Biggest Photography Revelation of 2013

  1. haha. funny….I just had that realization this month too! I told my husband to leave one of the corners of the new house empty so I can do that very thing :). so great!

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