I’ve Been Keeping A Secret

First order of business, last night Alida Makes hit 1 MILLION page views! When I started blogging I never thought I’d see that number. ***Backflip***
Ok, now that that’s out of the way…on to my secret: I’ve been collaborating with other children’s clothing bloggers on an eMagazine, and it finally launches today! I’ve been keeping my mouth shut about this since October and now and I’m sooo excited to share this with you.

STYLO is a children’s fashion magazine that focuses specifically on sewing for children. We spotlight the best children’s sewing patterns in the business. We hope to inspire you with our modern fabric choices and fresh styles. 

I decided to sew for my two big kids instead of my two littles, and they were very involved in my design choices.
They were quite happy with the results!

10 thoughts on “I’ve Been Keeping A Secret

  1. That dress is so special. I poured over the magazine this morning and I am absolutely bursting with love for it. It’s really so good and you should be (and I’m sure you are!) so proud to be a part of it. Congrats on the release!

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