Handmade Winter: An Ebook Review

Y’all, I totally thought I was ready for Spring. We have survived the “polar vortex,” drunk plenty of hot cocoa, and snuggled up under enough blankets to cover the entire house. 
I was so DONE with Winter, really…
…until Jess (The Sewing Rabbit) sent me this Handmade Winter eBook to review.
I mean, how could I look at these incredible photos and not want to do Winter all over again?
This Ebook is full to the brim with good ideas. There are delicious recipes, craft projects, handmade toys, party ideas, and of course gorgeous photos.  I could look at the photos all day long. 
This book was put together by a group of ridiculously talented women. They are bloggers, makers, and mothers. Scrolling through the pages of this work I could just feel the love they put into it. And that’s really special.
Usually when I review an eBook, I like to make something from it. Since I was short on time I decided to make myself a drink. (Twist my arm, will ya?) I made the “Bees Knees” which is a drink with honey and lemon in it, and boy was it amazing. 
If you’re interested in learning more about this eBook you can find the Handmade Winter website HERE.

7 thoughts on “Handmade Winter: An Ebook Review

  1. Oh we have months (and months and months…oh dear) of winter ahead of us as well and this book is just perfect! I like your style – I’ve got to make myself a drink (or two!) from Handmade Winter as well!

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