Memory Doll Tutorial

For more information on why I made this doll, please read THIS POST.
I’m so excited that there was so much interest in this yesterday!  Thank you everyone for your outpouring of love.  I never know how subjects like this will be received.  And now, I give you, the memory doll tutorial!
The first step in this process is to find a full body picture of the subject and scan it into the computer.  I had to look through all of my picture boxes for this because way back in 2001 I didn’t have a digital camera!  I’ve come a long way baby.
Next I needed to change the size.  Above is a screenshot of how I did this on my Mac. I pulled the photo up in PREVIEW, selected “custom” for the “Fit Into” category,  and selected “inches.”  The height I chose was 28″ and my doll turned out to be right around 18″ tall. (If you are using a PC you may find help HERE.)
Then I went to Spoonflower and uploaded the photo there (screenshot above). I selected “center” on the repeat menu, chose basic combed cotton for the fabric.  If you want to do more than one doll you can do a basic repeat.
Cut around the fabric, then lay it on top of the backing fabric and cut out a mirror image of it.  I used one of Dan’s BDU shirts for the backing fabric.  If you can use an article of the loved one’s clothing as the backing I strongly recommend it!
Pin right sides together and sew.  Make sure you leave a 3″ hole at the bottom.  Trim the seam allowance and turn right side out.
Hand sew opening closed.
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7 thoughts on “Memory Doll Tutorial

  1. Dear Alida, so often the things we don’t want to do are the right things… You’ve done a good thing and that is probably how we best honour those we have lost. My dear Mum died nearly six weeks ago and I would like to skip Christmas and pull a blanket over my head instead. But to honour her, and because it is the right thing, I will suck it up too and decorate the tree with my children as she would have done for me. Kindest regards, Leslie

  2. I bought one of these of my son when he went to Iraq for my grandson. It came with a beautiful poem. My grandson still has it. Two ladies (wives of men in the military ) started a business making these. You could even record your love one’s voice and put it inside the doll. This is a great idea

  3. This is such a fantastic idea I can’t even speak! OMG! How I wish I knew a child that has a parent or even a grandparent that has passed but misses him or her so much. I would make a million of these dolls for a children who would want one, two or three or more! My hubby and I are a great supporter of our military men and women and this would be so easy for us to support. Our limited income is becoming very, very limited with medical bills due to breast cancer but I would always have fabric and inkjet to help heal a heart of a child. You should receive a gold star for this idea, GOD BLESS YOU WITH A LONG LIFE AND MANY BLESSINGS you deserve them. If someone knows of a child that wants one and a parent that can’t make one please contact me I will be happy to provide.

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