Styled By Ellie: The Feather Man

Hey y’all!  It’s time for this week’s Styled By Ellie!  If you’re not familiar with Styled by Ellie, you can catch up here.  Take it away Ellie!
Hey everyone!  I’m Ellie, 2-year-old fashion mogul and new owner of a bob with bangs.  I’m not really used to my neck being cold, so I’ve decided that beanies are my favorite.
Today I want to tell you a story about my necklace.
My Mama bought me this necklace when we went on a field trip with Caroline’s class to a Native American Festival.  Every time I wear it I talk about the Feather Man.  Let me just tell you about the feather man for a minute: 
When I first saw the Feather Man I was a little afraid. He was very big and way taller than my mom.  He had the coolest clothes and soon I was so fascinated with him that I made Mama take me to him so I could watch him dance.
 And here I am leading him around by the finger.  I told him I had a dance too, and then I showed him how to do it.  I think he appreciated it.  My dance was rockin.
Mama let me choose one thing to buy as a souvenir and I chose a necklace with a bear on it.  Then I threw a fit because I liked the one Mama bought for herself better.  So now it’s mine. I let her borrow it sometimes. 
For more info on the fabric on my shirt, go HERE.
Get My Look:
Beanie: Thrifted from Daddy’s closet
Necklace: Native American Festival (but look on Etsy)
Shirt: Made by Mama (pattern HERE)
Jeggings: Target
Boots: Thrifted

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