Pattern Anthology Winter 2013: Juliet Capelet

Hey y’all!  This week we’re taking a break from Styled By Ellie to bring you a style post for Pattern Anthology for their Winter Wonderland Tour!  I chose the Juliet Capelet as my sewing project.  When I brought the fabric home Ellie’s words were, and I quote, “where is the cool fabric?”  Apparently she didn’t like my vision for this design.  The next day I brought her to the fabric store to let her choose her own fabric. 
At first she was luke warm about the final product, but she warmed up to it pretty quickly!
So, as you may know Ellie is not a girly girl.  The reason I chose to do the capelet is that I wanted a challenge.  Ellie chose this lovely chambray and the Where The Wild Things Are fabric, which goes perfectly with her laid back casual style.  I added the sherpa fabric and buttons for texture.  
The result is a capelet that even a tomboy would love!
Let’s talk about the rest of the outfit.  I found the buffalo check shirt at my local children’s consignment store.  It is size 18 months and was in the boy’s section.  One thing I want to stress is if you have a girl, even a girly girl, shop the boy’s section!  How cute would this shirt be with some hot pink skinnies and a rockin’ hat?  
The leggings are Old Navy a million years ago (hand-me-downs are my fave!)  The boots are also from the boy’s section of the children’s consignment store and let me tell you she LOVES them. 
Truthfully I would wear this outfit.  I think it’s hip and cool and I love the colors!  (Although, I might need something more substantial for the pants, leggings do not equal pants if you’re over 12.)
I am eager to see her wear the capelet with the Norah Dress, I think the two together would be a match made in little girl heaven!  
Make sure you check out all the other bloggers on the tour!  You can purchase your Winter Wonderland Bundle HERE.
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22 thoughts on “Pattern Anthology Winter 2013: Juliet Capelet

  1. Those are cool fabrics! – she knows what she’s doing (and so do you). One of my 3yr old girl’s favorite outfits is a checkered shirt from the boys section that she pairs with leggings. She tried to convince me to buy two more the other day but I think I’ll try to make one instead – will be a fun change from dresses and skirts!

  2. Her whole outfit is amazing. I agree with you on wantig to wear it myself, except not with leggings. Haha. Nope. Leggings are not pants for grown ups! Maybe olive green skinny jeans. I love her fabric choices. Where the wild things are fabric is adorable. Great choice on the Sherpa too. I like it as a hood lining.

  3. This is so cool. If I ever have a girl I’d really be hoping for a tomboy. I love all the fabrics you used, I wish I could get hold of sherpa easily over here. Amazing outfit.

  4. LOVE everything about this outfit. The cape, of course, is incredible on its own, but I LOVE it with that buffalo plaid shirt and green pants. LOVE!!! Great style, Ellie! Two thumbs way, waaaay up!

  5. The cape is fantastic! I have a not-so-girly girl too and I’m planning a cape. I wish I had some for my cape sherpa too 🙁 Where did you get it?!

  6. So Ellie is probably just the coolest kid on earth. I LOVE her expressions such personality and her style is just the best! I love the boots, the shirt the leggings, the cape is to die for! Just perfection. (and yeah I comment super late it’s how I roll)

  7. so cute, love the buffalo plaid and green! I laughed at your over 12 leggings comment. I so agree, leggings are not pants! I wish we’d go back to teens and women putting pants on before leaving the house!

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