Pattern Anthology: Tree Climber Trousers

Hey y’all!  I’m not part of the Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland Tour today but I still wanted to share these pants! 
I helped Andrea test her Tree Climber Trousers, and I love the results! In retrospect, I should have made the 7 waist and the 8 length, because they’re a little short.  However when testing a pattern that’s a no-no.  It’s ok, at some point I will put a cool cuff at the bottom.  For now she shoves them into boots 😉
My favorite part of this pattern is the reinforced knees.  We all know that boys blow the knees out of their pants all the time, but so do girls!  And since Charlotte’s clothes have to make it through 2 more girls, this is a huge plus.  
And, since I know you’re going to ask, the fabric on the pockets is from Joann Fabrics. I can’t stop using it, I may be slightly obsessed.  I’m wearing my sweater pants as we speak.

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