Styled By Ellie: The Norah Dress

The other day, a dress came in the mail.  As soon as Ellie saw it, she insisted on putting it on.  She’s been wearing it pretty much non-stop since.  Here is she is to tell you all about it!  Take it away Ellie!
Hey everyone!  I’m Ellie the 2-year-old fashionista and cowboy boot enthusiast.  Did you know that sometimes I like to wear dresses?  I prefer pants and tee shirts, but even I want to dress up sometimes!  I’m pretty attached to my Star Wars shoes, but these are my second favorite:
My awesome cowboy boots!  Mama brought them home from a trip she took with Daddy, and as soon as they were too tight for my big sister I snatched them up.  My favorite thing about them?  They click when I walk.
There are so many reasons why I love this dress.  Orange is one of my favorite colors, and I love the trees on the fabric.  The button is a cool color too!
The collar is really pretty.  My Mama didn’t sew this one, her friend Hayley did.  She made it just for me!  Mama said that after I wore it jumping in the leaves she is going to have to wash it, we’ll see about that. I can be pretty persuasive and almost always get my way.
Get my look:
Tights: I have no idea where these came from, but the hole in the knee is DIY.
Boots: Vintage
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9 thoughts on “Styled By Ellie: The Norah Dress

  1. Could you please post a tutorial on how to get the DIY hole in the knee? And could you draft it to my daughter’s size of 18-24months? I don’t get on my computer much so if you could call me at 615-555-5555 with the step by step I would appreciate it! 😉 *wink!*

    Seriously, I think this is and Ellie is soooo photogenic!

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