Styled By Ellie: Shop Your Sister’s Closet

 Hey y’all!  Ellie has a fashion secret that she wants to share with you: when her sisters are at school, all the clothes are hers.  The tips she gives you today can also apply to thrift store finds if you aren’t blessed with a house full of girls 🙂

Also, Ellie insisted on wearing the sherpa leg warmers again.  This is truly her outfit, the way she wanted it.  
Take it away Ellie!


Hey everyone!  I’m Ellie the mini fashion mogul.  Sometimes, the clothes in my closet just don’t cut it.  I get bored!  Luckily I have 2 older sisters and they love clothes too! 
I found this shirt in Caroline’s drawer today and I squealed!  Mama made it for Charlotte when I was still in her tummy.  Cool huh?
It used to be a turtleneck.  Mom said she would “refashion” it, but don’t let her fool you.  All she did was cut the turtleneck off.  I love that I can move my neck in this shirt!  Now, it says it’s a size 5t, but that never stopped me before!  Here is my mom’s trick to making big shirts fit on me:
See?  Easy!  When my sister says something like “hey that’s my shirt!” I just give her this look:
Then she knows it’s really mine and she backs off.
Get My Look:
shirt: diy (used this tutorial)
pants: Hosh, again, because duh
leg warmers: diy (tutorial here)
shoes: jazz shoes, thrifted from sister’s closet

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