Styled By Ellie: Persistence Pays Off!

Hey y’all! Today’s Styled by Ellie post comes courtesy of a trip to Target and a persistent little girl. Take it away Ellie!
 The other day Mama took me to Target to shop for sheets in the clearance section. I found this body pillow cover:
Mama tried to explain to me that I don’t have a body pillow and it doesn’t match anything in my room but I insisted that it was already mine. Mom saw that it was only $5 and agreed to let me have it. Then she blurted out “Hosh Pants!” and I could tell she had an idea about what to do with it.
This fabric is so cool.  Mama was able to make both me and my sister a pair of pants out of the pillowcase.


In other news, this week I discovered the messy bun, and I want one all the time now. My Mama sometimes says my hair looks like Nick Nolte’s mug shot. I don’t know who that is, but it makes Daddy laugh. Any hair style that lets my hair be messy but makes Mama happy is fine by me!
I really like this shirt. The neon green flower makes me giggle. Flowers aren’t neon green!
Get my look:
Shirt: Walmart
Pants:  Hosh Pants (Fabric from Target)
Shoes: DC Shoes (found at Ross)
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9 thoughts on “Styled By Ellie: Persistence Pays Off!

  1. I totally bought a body pillow case at the thrift store once with the intention of making something from it. BUT when I got home my husband decided it might be cool to actually buy a body pillow, so now I have an awesome huge pillow with a super cool case!

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