Styled By Ellie: I Am A Girl

You’ve seen this outfit before, but never from Ellie’s perspective!  Today Ellie talks about being a girl who likes to wear “boy colors” in a world where hot pink and ruffles are the norm.  Take it away Ellie!
Hey everyone! I’m Ellie, and I am a girl.  
I also like to be a duck, a superhero, a doctor, an engineer, a princess and an artist. Sometimes all at once!  
And sometimes, I get called a boy. Especially when I don’t have my hair in a top knot.  
I like green and blue and black!  I like skateboards and I LOVE my Star Wars shoes. I don’t understand why people always need to talk about how I look. When they find out I’m a girl they say I’m “pretty”.  I don’t want to be pretty, I want to be cool!  I want to be smart. I want to entertain you with my huge vocabulary. I am so much more than pretty.
I have some cyber friends who get me, like Vince and Yuki, and my real life friends never question my fashion choices.  What’s up with the grown ups?
Get my Look: 
Top Knot: DIY
Hoodie: Bimaa
Harem Pants: Mama drafted, but there’s a great pattern HERE.
Shoes: Target (she’s on her 3rd pair!)

15 thoughts on “Styled By Ellie: I Am A Girl

  1. lol And I just had someone go on and on about what an adorable baby girl my son was! Ellie has great style and I always love her clothes! If I had her shoes in my size, I would never wear another pair either!

  2. Ellie, you are so cool, smart, interesting, one of a kind, and beautiful (just the way you are, yes ma’am)! I love seeing “Styled by Ellie” because you are not afraid to be so uniquely you, and it is awesome. Keep on being you. 🙂

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