Spoonflower Fabric Swap: Kitschy Coo

Hey y’all!  Remember a long time ago on Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! when Stacy coordinated a Spoonflower fabric swap?  Well, I’m a slacker. Amanda of Kitschy Coo and I were chosen to swap, and it took me forever to get my act together.  I’m proud to announce that I’ve FINALLY completed a garment with Amanda’s beautiful Panda fabric!  (Make sure you pop over to Kitschy Coo and see the AMAZING Bimaa Skater she made out of my Momonga fabric!)
One look at this fabric, and my animal lover Charlotte insisted that I had to make her a garment out of it.  (I had planned to use it for Ellie, but how do you say no to that?)  I used Figgy’s Banyan tunic pattern, but modified it to make it a high-low tunic.  
Some girls love pink and princesses, some girls love Star Wars and skate boards, but Charlotte is all about animals.  She frequently comes home with feathers in her pockets!
Do you see the remnants of a temporary tattoo?  She won’t let me take it off. Do your kids do that too?
You may have seen on Instagram  that I had a huge sewing fail while creating this tunic.  This fabric is very slippery and slipped right under my serger knife!  
In the end, because of time constrictions, I decided that a simple triangle cutout with a piece of white knit underneath would have to do.  
If you want to share your sewing fails with me on Instagram use hashtag “isewfailed” and you could possibly win a prize!  Love y’all!  Have a great week!
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11 thoughts on “Spoonflower Fabric Swap: Kitschy Coo

  1. This is adorable.
    I am famous for snipping a small hole in garments when I am trimming up all the threads at the end. I have done it WAYYYYYY to many times.

  2. This is such a smart remix of the top. I am interested in duplicating. did you just make the back the length of the sides or did you add even more than that. I would love to hear more of your process.
    With Love

    1. Hey Scary! First of all, I used the tunic length. I made the back about 1 inches longer than the length of the sides because I wanted to bring it down in slight a curve, does that make sense?

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