Bimaa Cowl On the Farm

Hey y’all!  Today I’m part of EmmylouBeeDoo’s Bimaa Pattern Tour!  I had this whole chic, understated look planned…I really did…until I went to Joanns and saw this ridiculous sweater knit.
Couldn’t you just eat it with a spoon?  It’s sooo soft…and stretchy!
So my cool, chic plans went out the window and I went all warm and fluffy.  Thankfully, Caroline approves.  And since she doesn’t need a scarf hanging from her neck while she’s doing farm work, it leaves her free to do the chores.
Ok, ok, Grandpa doesn’t put her to work on the farm…yet. (But he will, just ask Gabe!  He raked leaves for 4 hours yesterday.)
For now I guess she can just look cute on the farm, she’s pretty good at that!
Make sure you head over to EmmylouBeeDoo to see all the other awesome Bimaas!
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3 thoughts on “Bimaa Cowl On the Farm

  1. She is adorable and I have to say I want this Bimaa!! And my daughters both want her jeans and boots as well. Great pictures Alida. We have lots of tractors around here but I somehow never thought of using them in a photo shoot. You sure are amazing.

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