Ellie’s Handmade Fall Wardrobe

Here is Ellie’s handmade Fall wardrobe. She can mix and match these pieces to make lots of cute outfits. Below I’ll show you what patterns I used, I highly recommend all of them! (FYI, some are affiliate links.)
Middle Row: Recess Raglan
I have 4 children and a hubby that works crazy long hours. If I can make my daughter all of these handmade goodies in the span of a month or so, then so can you! (Who needs sleep?)
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14 thoughts on “Ellie’s Handmade Fall Wardrobe

  1. Such a great mix of colors and patterns. You are truly a go go go momma! I wish I could get my daughter to wear pants in the winter, leggings are all she wants. At least it only take 30 min. to make a pair. 🙂


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