DIY Neon Sperrys

My daughter had these sad, beat up (knock-off) Sperrys.  They had been left out in the rain, shoved under the bed, and generally abused.  (I’ll take that as a subtle hint that she didn’t like them.)  Before donating them I decided maybe I could breathe new life into them.  If it didn’t work out, I didn’t feel too bad about tossing them in the trash.  Pinterest, true to form, supplied me with lots of inspiration!
Here is how to take a pair of Sperrys from drab to fab:
1.  Take the laces all the way out of the shoes.  (Mine wouldn’t come all the way out, which will be discussed later.  If yours are like mine, just take them out and leave them hanging out of the back.)
2.  Tape all the way around the tongue of the shoe. 
3.  Paint the tongue of the shoe with neon fabric paint using a sponge paint brush.
4.  Paint the cloth sides of the shoe.  I used a small paint brush, but if you don’t trust your precision painting abilities you can always tape that also.
5.  Let dry overnight.
My laces were stitched to the back of the shoe.  Most boat shoes have open backs and the laces can come all the way out.  If you can take the laces all the way out and replace them with neon ones, then totally do that.  If you have cheap knock-offs like me…
Simply stipple the neon paint onto the shoe laces.  Only do one coat because if you do two coats they will get gummy and be hard to tie.  (Ask me how I know!)
Once everything dries overnight, you can re-lace the shoes.  This can be tough…the trick is using a nice big embroidery needle!
There you have it!  I wish I could have re-laced them with some super cool laces, but I’m really happy with the way they came out!
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