Who Sewed It Better?

This post contains affiliate links. I was given the pattern for free, as were the other designers in this competition.  All opinions are 100% mine, you know I’d never lie to you!
It’s finally here! 
For those of you who are new here, Who Sewed It Better is the chance for us sewing bloggers to earn serious street cred.  We duke it out, each using the same pattern, to win the best of all prizes:  bragging rights!
I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks to show y’all this back pack.  For this installment of Who Sewed It Better we chose to use Owl Backpack Pattern by Heather of The Sewing Loft.
I got inspired by this awesome new fabric at Joann Fabric Store so instead of an owl backpack I made a Where The Wild Things Are backpack!  
The lower part of the pack is made of orange canvas that I painted with yellow stripes.  The head is made of black corduroy and the face and horns are felt.  The lining (my favorite!) is the new gorgeous Where the Wild Things Are fabric from Joann Fabrics.  (In fact, all the materials from the backpack came from Joann!)
As you can see…it’s extremely wild.
Let’s talk about the jammies for a bit.  The fabric is from Girl Charlee.  When I ordered it I didn’t know what I wanted it for, but when it arrived I knew it would be perfect for this photo shoot.  The top is another recess raglan (I seriously can’t stop making them!)  The bottoms are hand drafted.  
I think the look embodies the essence of the book without being too literal.  (Plus, I’ve already made lots of wolf/fox/woodland creature costumes and I wasn’t about to go down that road again when I really wanted to show off the backpack!)
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Follow on Bloglovin***So, funny story, Jessica of Running With Scissors posted on her blog yesterday with a link to a backpack she made 4 years ago.  And guess what, mine looks almost EXACTLY like it.  I can’t believe it.  I had never seen it before, so I’m going to chalk it up to “great minds think alike.”***

17 thoughts on “Who Sewed It Better?

  1. This whole photoshoot is adorable! I love those pjs. I seriously assumed you had sharpied them 😉 She looks so grown up too. This is the first of the three I’ve seen so far so Kat and Jess have some big shoes to follow.

  2. I absolutely adore this! She is so perfectly cute in her roar pic!!! This with the pajamas, and the crown… oh man. Azy would flip out for this backpack!!! I wish they could hang out together with their rocking backpacks and outfits!! Such a loveable creation!

  3. I love it! And SO TOTALLY didn’t know there was wild things fabric at joanns now. Dude….this warrants a trip there, stat! My youngest loves that book, and already has a wolf suit from last halloween. It’s been worn to death and looks raggedy. Not sure what I would want to do with the wild fabric, but it must be obtained!

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