Vintage Step Stool Makeover (Photo Prop)

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Hey y’all!  Did your Grandma have this stool in her kitchen?  It’s a Cosco brand stool Circa 1950-something.  My husband brought it home to me from his Grandmother’s house and I fell in love. 
Let’s take a good, long look at her.  She has great bones, but you can barely see how cool she is because of the years of dirt and grime on her!  I knew she just needed some love and she would be a super cool piece of furniture.  Here’s how I revived her!
I scrubbed her with warm soapy water and rinsed her with the hose.  Then I waited until she was completely dry (approx 2 hours in our lovely North Carolina humidity!)
Her chrome is in good shape so I didn’t want to paint it, so I covered every inch of the chrome with painter’s tape.  This took a good hour, but I wanted to be precise.  

Luckily, if you miss a spot with the tape, there is chrome spray paint too.  Now all you have to do is spray her down with 2 or 3 coats of spray paint (I love Valspar, and they don’t pay me to say it!)  Then…and this is the hardest part…you have to wait at least 24 hours for her to be completely dry.


Take the tape off and you’re done!
I suggest doing a fun retro-themed photo shoot, but that’s just me.  (Any excuse for a photo shoot!)  
It makes a great photo prop.


Wouldn’t one of these be an incredible yard sale find?  Now you know what to do if you see one that needs a little TLC!
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7 thoughts on “Vintage Step Stool Makeover (Photo Prop)

  1. I adore this!! I’m so not a fan of highchairs these days and was fortunate enough to have been gifted the one my dad and his 2 older brothers used. Vintage score! And I gave it a makeover too. But I know if I were to happen upon one of these that vintage highchair would need a sibling 😉 ps. I live in the NC humidity too!
    Heidi @

  2. OK – I’m old. I remember sitting on this step stool in my kitchen while my mom trimmed my hair. Or eating a cookie. I loved this stool… I need to find one!

  3. I’m old….I remember sitting in this very stool in my kitchen while my mom trimmed my hair. Or sitting in the kitchen eating a cookie….or climbing up on counters. I need to find one of these puppies!

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