Beach Blanket Tutorial

***Originally posted on Delia Creates as part of the Color Your Summer Series***
The color I chose for Color Your Summer was “rainbow”, which isn’t actually a color but it fits my personality perfectly because I can never choose a favorite color.  When I was a kid I always said yellow was my favorite color because I felt sorry for it (none of my friends ever chose it) but deep down I have never had a favorite.  
How To Make A Beach Blanket
There is a lot to love about this blanket.  First of all the fabric.  I love pinwheels, and I love polka dots.  They’re just so happy!
How To Make a Beach Blanket with secret sand pockets!
This blanket has 4 special pockets.  They are beautiful and functional!  When you lay the blanket pocket side up it’s lovely…but…lay the it pocket side down, put sand in the pockets, and…
Beach Blanket by Alida Makes
You have a beach blanket that actually stays put.  The sand weighs down the corners so the blanket doesn’t get blown around in the wind.  
How To Make A Beach Blanket
I recommend making one to sit on, and one to snuggle in :-).
Beach Blanket Tutorial: Alida Makes
Intimidated by blankets?  This one is easy.  
The binding is so simple and there is no hand sewing!  
You will use a 1/2″ seam allowance throughout the tutorial.
Total amount of fabric needed: 
2 yards main fabric
2 1/2 yards lining fabric
2 1/2 yards batting
1/2 yard each rainbow color
As you’ll see you need to cut the lining fabric 40″ wide. Most quilting fabric is 44″ wide. Cut 2″ off each side.  Keep those 2″strips you cut off and set it aside. You’ll use it in a minute!  
Beach Blanket Tutorial : Alida Makes
Now we’re going to make the quilted triangle pockets.  
Sew together the strips in the order shown.  You’ll make 4 rainbows.  Cut them into triangles as shown.
Beach Blanket Tutorial : Alida Makes
Cut one piece of lining fabric and one piece of batting to match the rainbow triangle.
Beach Blanket Tutorial : Alida Makes
Make a rainbow triangle sandwich (doesn’t that sound delicious?) in this order: rainbow, batting, lining fabric.  Rainbow and lining fabrics will face right side out.
Beach Blanket Tutorial : Alida Makes
Trim, making sure you keep the top of the triangle a right angle.
Beach Blanket Tutorial : Alida Makes
Remember when I said to save the 2″ you cut off of each side of the lining fabric?  That is what you’re going to use to finish the bottom side of the quilted triangle.  No wasting the selvedge!  It’ll be on the inside of the pocket and no one will ever see it!  
Beach Blanket Tutorial : Alida Makes
Beach Blanket Tutorial : Alida Makesquiltpockettutorial
Now let’s move on to the blanket!  We’re going to make a quilt sandwich in this order: lining fabric, batting, main fabric.  Lining fabric and main fabric will be right sides out as shown below.
Beach Blanket Tutorial : Alida Makes
Pin together the layers.  You can quilt it any way you’d like, but personally I was going for easy and quick, so I just sewed a horizontal line every 12 inches.
Beach Blanket Tutorial : Alida Makes
Once it’s quilted, trim so that the main fabric overlaps the lining and batting by 1″.  
Beach Blanket Tutorial, Binding Trick : Alida Makes
Now you’re going to finish the blanket with the best quilting cheat I’ve ever seen.  I discovered it HERE on Prudent Baby (the tutorial is by Made By Rae).  Put a rainbow pocket on each corner of the blanket, and then follow Made By Rae’s directions to finish the quilt.
Beach Blanket Tutorial, Binding Trick : Alida Makes
Now go to the beach and enjoy!
Beach Blanket Tutorial : Alida Makes
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10 thoughts on “Beach Blanket Tutorial

  1. beautiful and SO clever with the sand pockets… I thought you were going to say that pocket side down was bad because sand gets in… but then you surprised me and I love it!!! emily @ nap-timecreations

  2. what a great idea for the pockets! my very first (and second to last finished) quilt included a triangle pocket at one corner. My daughter’s first blanket fell apart because it was this super old quilt, so I cut off enough functional pieces to piece together a triangle corner and quilted it onto a piece of solid kona cotton. Then I placed it like you did and made it into a hood for her to be able to wear her blanket on her head and wrap herself up. She still loves that hood!

  3. Alida, Your beach blankets are beautiful and well made. I admire your creative ideas. Keep up the fine work you are doing.

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