DIY Oyster Shell Centerpiece

What would possess someone to spray paint seashells?  

Oyster Shell Centerpiece: Alida Makes

I am inspired by the juxtaposition of rustic decor and bright colors.  One day I was looking at my white coffee table and my white centerpiece and thought…I can jazz this up! I decided to create a rustic, brightly colored center piece (with my favorite medium, of course, spray paint.)  And boy do I love it. 

Oyster Shell Centerpiece: Alida Makes
(Bowl is sitting on my pallet coffee table, more info about that HERE.)
This project is pretty easy, but I’ve written out instructions for those who don’t like to live on the edge ;-).
Oyster Shell Centerpiece: Alida Makes



  • Choose 5 bright colors of spray paint.  I love the way the silver shells look, so I strongly recommend choosing at least one metallic.
  •  Choose your rustic element.  I chose oyster shells because we have a lot lying around, but you could really use anything. Pine cones, sticks, rocks, the sky is the limit here!
  • Spread out a drop cloth, lay out your items and spray paint.  Because I used oyster shells I only sprayed one side.  I wanted to be able to see some natural shells mixed in with my colored ones.
  • WAIT at least 2 hours before touching them.  Put them in a bowl.
  • Smile because you made something pretty!
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